Welcome to AnkitCK.com – A self-help blog for maximum productivity and personal greatness.

Honestly, from a long time, I was waiting for this very day. A day when a visitor stops for a minute and clicks on the ever-lonely About Page.

Talking about myself, My Name is Ankit Suthar, I’m an Internet Enthusiast, who is possibly utilising every digital asset to help myself and the people around me to create more assets.

I have tried to explain my journey with the below timeline, by the time, you finish it; I hope that you’ll know me well enough.

Journey Till Now..

  • Introduction to Internet
    December, 2011
    I have always been a fan of technology, But I never had any gadget until 2011 when my father finally bought me a Featured Phone which helped me to learn the jargons of the internet.
  • FTP, HEX, Binary, Wapka
    April, 2012
    Started modding and creating J2ME(Java for Mobile Phones) and Making small Mobile-based websites through platforms like Wapka.mobi & Xtgem.
  • Cerified Ethical Hacking
    January, 2013
    Till this time, I was quite familiar with Networking & Entry-level Programming in C & C++. A thought of turning my Interest into a professional career erupted, and I decided to pursue certification in Certified Ethical Hacking.
  • The IIT Dream
    July, 2014

    By the time I completed my 10th Grade or SSC as we call it in State Board, I got to know about this cool thing known as IIT, and I was obsessed with it. So, accordingly, I made time tables to burn that midnight oil for securing that one seat in IIT Bombay.

  • Failed Miserably
    April, 2016
    Honestly, I never prepared for the IIT tests. I did everything what I possibly could But, I never attempted to work hard, which is the most important element in cracking those mind-boggling exams.
  • SEO Enthusiast
    July, 2016
    After I realised that I’m never going to get into IIT, the future which I predicted started getting vague over time. After a month or two, out of nowhere, I got an opportunity to work with an Australian startup as an SEO Executive, and I took it.
  • Started Ankit CK
    December, 2016
    I was already working as an SEO Executive at my day time job; the one suggestion I was always receiving from the people who knew me well was to create a website where I can experiment new patterns in SEO, and I started Ankit CK, gradually I started viewing it more than a sample SEO site. Something which will give me a reason to create and my audience a reason to appreciate.

Few words heart to heart

So, I guess that’s enough of me for the day, and If you ever wish to know more, I can easily talk to you over a cup of coffee, someday.

Now, for the time being, Let’s talk about you. You’re the prime reason for whom I have created this small chunk of web pages. The possible reason for you to be here has to be entrepreneurship or maybe digital marketing. Whoever you are and Whatever you do or going to do, Let me tell you that in this world of under-delivering, you’re a lump of potential. I don’t know what kind of Internet business you’re going to create in the matter of time or what new morning ritual you’re going to implement tomorrow to stay productive for the whole day But, If I can ever help you with any of that, feel free to reach out. I’d be glad to serve an amazing person who is always grinding to create more value for him or her or this entire humanity.

With this medium, I will always try to help the fabulous people out there with my essential skills. I am one of the greatest procrastinators of all time, I have struggled very much to get rid of this habit But, after creating this blog I am committed to delivering constant value. At last, I hope that you’ll be the inspiration for me to do what I was meant to do.

I believe we’ll talk soon. Good day.