Everything you need to know about SEO

Digital Marketing is a vast field and an industry worth $62 billion. This domain includes multiple elements, and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of them.

The majority of the Passive Income streams which I mentioned in a post four months back, required Digital Marketing at some or the other level.

So, I decided to create a simple yet appealing guide to Search Engine Optimization aka Search Engine Marketing.

This introduction to SEO is for those pals who might have never heard about such a thing. Moreover, it will also help the people who want some profound insights in SEO or Digital Marketing.

So, here we repeat the question from the title.

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

A quick answer can be stated as ‘SEO is a combination of individual elements through which a website can be ranked high in search query’s result page for the desired set of keywords.’

That was a simple definition of SEO which I could have tweeted with 140 character limit instead of creating this zillion words(metaphor) article. But I have tried to pull out some great insights and details in this post through which you can at least understand that how Search Engine or its Algorithm works. So, go ahead and read on.

To begin with, Let me give you a simple example to understand. Imagine you’re visiting a shopping mall for the first time to buy a fancy shirt. As soon as you enter the mall, you find out that all the shops in the mall are selling fancy shirts. So, out of the 52 stores(Just a random number) which are selling fancy shirts, which one will you choose?

(Take time)…

While you still guess the answer, let me state that it will obviously be the store which is at the shortest distance from where you are standing or putting it the other way it will be the store which is nearest to the entrance of the mall.

What will that result in for the store owner?

Everybody who wants to buy a fancy shirt would apparently visit the store which is at the shortest distance from the entrance of mall or the store which is first in the line, which will eventually result in maximum sales for that XYZ store.

There also will be customers who will visit some other stores, and there will be reasons for them to visit the other store and not the first one in the line, the reasons might be the comprise on the quality of the shirt, which the owner of the first store is making or maybe the customer needs a better price.

Some people like to explore; they will surely examine more stores. The first and foremost important step in sales is to generate the lead, or we can explain it as engaging with the customer in a simple language. Converting that lead to a sale is secondary, and in this scenario, the first store is already getting the maximum number of leads.

In return for all the sales he’s making and the revenue he’s generating, the store owner has to pay a certain price for owning the number one store in that particular shopping mall or market. The lease of the store will obviously be higher compared to the other ones. For keeping up with so many customers, he has to hire some great salespeople. So, he has to pay a decent price to get the number one spot, but he’s the one making maximum profits when all the numbers & figures are calculated.

Coming back to SEO, the scenario here is not the same but a similar one.

Lets put it this way, When you’re hungry, and you search for ‘food delivery in Bandra west, Google goes gaga over your search query and comes up with a half a million results. The search result will mainly include online food portals or the websites of some restaurants which are delivering food in your area.

So, whatever your first search result is, the question is that what makes it so suited to beat hundreds of thousands of other websites and top the list?

The answer is SEO. SEO is working in its most beautiful form for that particular result, and that’s why it’s first on the list. Now, as per the numbers and figures, number 1 search result on Google receives 50% of the traffic, and the first page of the search results receives 90% of the traffic, which will ultimately turn into the maximum number of sales and profits.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look at how does this function and what are the necessary elements?Google fetches a list of most relevant websites according to the search query.

Well, In this scenario, Google fetches a list of most relevant websites according to the search query.

Metaphorically, there are an infinite number of articles and strategies available on the internet with SEO’s explanation, which make it so hard to understand or to choose one.

Before digging into the working system, Let’s see how SEO looks.


Ads vs Organic

Here, in this example, my search query is ‘buy domain‘. Now, the typical Google comes up with 80 million results(Doing some math, I might require more than two years of time even If I spent just a second on each result). As you can see, I have marked few of the top search results in red and the other ones in blue. The units characterised in red are Paid Ads, If you want that spot for your business website, then you need money to back you up.

The results marked up in the blue is what we are targeting. That is the position from where the organic websites show up.

Search Engine works in a simple yet a complicated form, when a user hits a query on Google, Google presents the results which are mostly expected by the user. The working pattern sounds very simple.

But, Let’s check some facts about Google

  • Google treats over 3.5 billion searches per day.
  • There are over 30 trillion web pages which are indexed by Google.
  • Google has an estimated cloud space of 10-15 exabyte. where 1 Exabyte = 1 million terabytes and I hope you know what a terabyte is.

So, it’s the Google who’s making the process sound so simple, In an actual situation it’s more than just search and get method.

So, let’s see how can we help ourselves to see our own website on the top of Google’s search results beating a whopping 30 trillion web pages.

There are many elements which come into place and acts together for SEO to work. But, I’ll to show the five most important SEO components with this simple infographic.


SEO Infographic

Most important Components in SEO


Till this point, I guess you’ll be able to explain a layman of yours the concept of SEO. Concluding all the above steps brings us to our next question.

Why SEO?

We have already seen the facts and figures and the working system of SEO & Search Engines. Though, The flow will not be justified without a reason to learn SEO.

Making a note again, SEO is a module of digital marketing, In fact, a primary module. The goal of Digital Marketing is to let people know about your business and turn some of them into customers, and mainly I think that SEO is the best way to do that. And one prime reason which backs up SEO is that it’s free. If you don’t already know about it then yes, it’s free.

Paid Ads, PPC, Promotions can convert high, but they aren’t free in the obvious case. SEO, on the other hand, is entirely free and If used well, then it can be very-very effective.

A career in SEO?

So, I hope that till now you might have got the basic understanding of how Search Engine or Search Engine Optimisation works.

Talking about what you got to do with SEO or Digital Marketing?

Well, I would recommend learning SEO to anyone who owns even a single website. Though, I would highly recommend SEO for online business owners and bloggers.

And if you don’t fall in any of the above categories and you’re still interested in learning SEO, and if you’re looking to build a career in SEO, then you must go for it. Here are some links to free Udemy courses, to learn deep concepts and they aren’t affiliated links. So, be cool about it.


SEO in Future

Google is steadily working on their Search Engine algorithm, and they keep rolling updates, the last update was I think, the Hemmingway update.

With every update, Google tries to make user’s search experience engaging. As long as the future as considered, I think Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in improving the search algorithm. Other than that, only the officials know what they’re working on and what they’ll release in the near future.

So, if you are already into SEO and you want to try something new, then you can any day lay your hands on Python and start coding for AI.

As long as I think, that’s pretty much all you need to know about Search Engine Optimization. However, I’m always there to answer your queries. You can DM me at my Instagram handle @ankit_ck. Also if you own an online business or a website and you want me to optimize your website then I’d be glad to help you out.

That’s all for the day, Make sure you share this post with your friends and colleagues and help them to learn about something new today.

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